I was at a Dance Competition this weekend. International Judge said most important thing is Showmanship (how group works together). Said is more important then Technical.  Awesome, JUST like projects.

This past year PMI introduced a new focus area called Stakeholders.  This shows the trend in PMing but also aligns so beautifully to so many things in every day life where performance is key.

Too often we get caught up with the Scope and the requirements (How and What to do).  We focus so much of our contracts and agreements and negotiations on these parts. If you really think about it, these things are easy and they will follow suit if we remind people, that stakeholders and team work and how we will get along when we need to perform, is the most important thing.

PMI has formally done this by stating the Stakeholders is now a Knowledge Area that sits up at the top near Scope, Schedule and Budget.  An easy definition of Stakeholders is "who the project impacts, or who can impact the project".  So is important for us to:
- identify who the stakeholders are
- set processes on how they will work together (through the good times and the bad)
- remind everyone that disagreements means passion and if we work together then success will happen