Do you want to increase productivity in your projects, grow levels of trust (break down barriers) and improve levels of innovation.

Low hanging fruit available to us all includes:   Infuse your meeting with laughter.

Before doing that, ACTION REQUEST:  take 2 min to thank people around you (at work, volunteering, etc) that make you laugh.  Thank them on behalf of your health and also the improved productivity of the work you do.  We don`t formally recognize the benefits our work environment gets due to laughter.  Sadly, maybe too many "old school managers" that don't want to hear the word "fun" in the work environment.

If you want to improve productivity, create mini breaks of pleasure in your meeting and also through out the work day.  Just like how we go on vacation, humans need the "mini-breaks``.

When something is perceived as funny, the pleasure and reward center of the brain is activated the same area that is activated during other types of highs (e.g. cocaine, sex, etc).

Laugh as hard and as often as possible.  Integrate it into your work environment.

FORMALLY start each meeting with a joke (assign it to the team and take turns).  Share the fun.

 Sample highlights from a recent link:
  • Dr. Bellace says that laughter releases the neurotransmitter dopamine, which serves as a reward for the brain, creates a sense of euphoria, and plays a pivotal role in our motivation to continue the behavior.
  • Dr. Bellace notes that the benefits of laughter include improved immune functioning, stress relief, increased tolerance for pain, improved cardiovascular health, reduced anxiety, and improved mood.
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