Congrats, April 22, another Earth day! I may be biased but would love more focus on water recovery from polluted sources (waste + innovation = resource). Also more focus on avoiding over-complicating things and breaking things down - tackle them one piece at at time (much like a project approach).

In SK we think we have abundant, clean water sources, and we do, but it is up North where most people do not live. Same goes for Canada.  We still are quite naive - but we are getting better.  I do not need to talk about  conflicts and social issues how people live (stay home from work to fill their water jugs) in areas of India, Middle East, E. Asia, etc.

Every year water and earth sustainability gets more attention, and is well deserved!

I recently spoke about water and sustainability at at a school in front of 4 classes of grades 7 and 8.  It is so nice to get back to the basics when facing such massive topics and challenges. The questions were amazing but also scary.  The kids were so great.  One of the questions asked was:  "This sounds like a lot of challenges ahead, what do you think we can do."  My reply was..... "I wish I knew - if things today are not doing so great I am hoping that future generations, decision makers and leaders which will be people like you, will be more innovative and find better balances and sustainable solutions"

It was so exciting to hear the questions they came up with, so open, transparent, simple and genuine with care.  They seemed to simplify things, breaking it down to small little things that we can do.  At least this way we can start, does not have to be a massive plan that takes too long to get off the ground.  Sometimes we adults complicate things and wait until every light ahead is green before we even start to move.  Great first steps.... are to continue to grow our awareness.  Another step is to take different perspectives to get to similar results..... e.g. try to not change things drastically for e.g.  don't have to "stop" irrigating a lawn, but use recovered water instead of potable water.

A great site to visit to learn more on water is of a United Nations member for Canada, Bob Sandford, can call or email him, he is a great speaker and really hits home with his material and passion, or can check him out at URL: 

Another great URL gaining momentum in Canada is: