Our company is starting to use the term PG (Professional Growth).  PG depends on Objectives & Constraints.  PG includes training & education and links it to the path of growth (work related and/or personal related). PG embraces online approaches since it occurs continuously.

Training happens every day.  Types include:coaching, mentoring, trial & error, meetings, reading, etc. Education happens every day, including; listening, reading and if tested it becomes formal.

Types of training and education we often think about are face to face sessions, instructor lead, schools, conferences, etc.

Maybe this is because we grew up where Instructors stood in front and told us what we needed to learn and how to learn it. Then in the work world often get judged on weaknesses that have to be developed (Professional Development).

The new way to think is to focus just on the strengths, weaknesses take care of themselves. Grow the strengths and the person will grow.  Weaknesses also often enhance our strengths. Then the next thing needed is a diverse, collaborative team approach.

Now to grow and enable the strengths, do it as often as you can so you must find ways to do it at a low cost.

This is where the world of online growth and learning has become one of the biggest industries and fastest changing. Online courses allow access to anything you want, when you want it, where you want it and at a fraction of the cost.

You can check out the blogs of Darren Cannell (see on left of his site, over 5000 articles) of a globally recognized person that specializes in this area.      www.darrencannell.com