The term "Why" is so important within project and business planning. It also is key to help manage potential conflict and prevent mis-understanding and mis-communication.

Do not get sucked into the cyclone of crisis, that is common enough in the work world and we all have responsibility to diffuse it before it begins.  Is always a two way street between two people that communicate..... Sender - Receiver.

A key tool is to formalize these questions so they become habit.  Utilize them when someone is in a high state of stress, anxiety, anger or frustration, or are quickly jumping to things during times of diress or conflict or uncertainty.

Start out by stating the term in neutral as possible voice, the word:   " Interesting"

Then pause.... maybe a few silent nods of your head, with a neutral look on your face.....  this presents a non-judgmental message which should have low risk for the other person to go into fear, hurt, defensive or attack mode.

Then ask two types of questions, based on the situation:
1 - Tell me more

2 - Why did you
a) say that
b) do that
c) ask me this

The more I look at this tool, the more I also see that I should not only use it at work, but also in personal life with partner, friends, family!   Is a great way to live and a great foundation tool!