True value from training or consulting can be increased if people are more available, focused and committed (able to balance with their bigger priorities). Also need to find a way to step out and miss an afternoon or a few hours if needed. Part of what I see changing (which enables the statements above) is the ability to link online tools and techniques with customer solutions.  Providing customers what they need with an expanded window as to when they can access it.  In addition, the online solutions can leverage alliances and other best practice sources on the web (one vendor will never have all the answers but a great value is to utilize the vendor plus the links they recommend for that project or solution).

The Project management Institute (PMI at is the most globally accepted methodology and also thus has the most sought after and recognized certification, the Project Management Professional (PMP).  Advancements by the PMI include areas related to online tools (website, book store, blogs, forums, publications, courses, etc).  As part of this movement, NexLev (SK based PM Company) now provides online learning courses in project management.

A VERY exciting aspect of one NexLev`s courses is that it is certified by PMI and addresses the pre-requisite to challenge the PMP test.  Also this course is now certified by another organization highly promoting Certifications and PM as a profession, the Canadian Construction Association (CCA at  It still takes 35 hours to complete, but is instructor lead, supported and collaborated with all over the web.  So it is done at your own time and can be reviewed and delved deeper at your own pace.  This approach also has more people available to add to the course (video taped) to help provide multiple perspectives and learnings from different experts in the field. Can check it out at
or also be sure to check out the PMI website for other vendors that are now starting to provide this new level of service.

This is yet another example of how the PM world is changing with the use of technology, if you want to check out one more URL focused on advancements of technology and how fast we change, this guy has incredible passion and is a good one to follow: