Often I get a question, what is the best PM Method to use, or what templates to use, or how to deal with the org structure.  These questions do not have a simple answer, thus often the answer is "depends".  One of the biggest influencers of the answer is the Culture.  This came to mind after I attended the Saskatoon Ukrainian Dance Competition.  There you witness the gathering of a common culture.  Then I compared that to the India Vegetarian Event I attended a few weeks ago.  Again, great similarities yet a different approach.  

This can be related to how to approach a project.  Based on the culture first of the Executive, Sponsor and PM (leadership).  Then the Project Team.  Then look at the company itself.  Based on this, one should be ready to adapt the approach.  This also will directly influence so many aspects as to how you carry out your project process groups or phases (Initiate, Plan, Execute, Monitor & Control, Close).

Reminding you that an approach may work in one culture but not in another.  That is proof of the challenges that Project Management can have in trying to say one size fits all, or following a Cookie Cutter Approach that came from a best selling book.

Be confident in your cultures and embrace them, they will be the ultimate influencer of success.