Had to rant to this one, is so important & not openly talked about.... (see 51 sec video)

Failure and doing new things goes hand in hand, yet we get so caught up in attaching negative connotation to failure.  Or worse yet, pointing a finger. The negative is only if you fail and do the same thing over again... then that is called bad process.

So don't be afraid about failure, it always happens in projects where things do not go according to plan - is important to know to not do it again and learn from it and adapt.  Remember, definition of a Project is: temporary and unique, whereby unique means doing new things/first time things.

Failure comes from something not going according to plan
Success comes from learning new things
Project plans involve doing things unique (never done before)
Project plans and Success will always have a ton of failure
So be ready for failure, learn from it and be okay with it, it is part of your job and ability to grow you and your company!