SUCCESSFUL people don't always have high levels of IQ, Designations, Experience, Knowledge or Skills.  However, true Leaders must have high levels of GRIT.

If you have grit, then bring on project risk & challenge.

How can you define Grit?
- passion and perseverance for long term goals
- sticking with it day in and day out for years and not giving up
- live life like a marathon not a sprint
- knowing that failure is not a permanent condition
- still being confident after you fail
- ability to quickly formulate lessons learned and start again
- take the stresses in stride
- get beat down by others, but if they do not die, they will rise up, avoid grudges and start again
- eat the dead crow when it is still warm, suck it up and MOVE ON

Look for this in your PMs and Leaders.

Check out this great video link:    Key to Success: GRIT