This is a follow up to my last blog on Failure & Grit. Next Question: Can we grow this within us?

We learn about PM from experts in so many different fields.  It is such a complex profession and it is becoming a standard for people that want to be in corporate leadership positions.

We must remember it is rapidly evolving in alignment with how business culture is evolving. We often focus on science, math, systems and engineering but now we do much more PM Research and Professional Development in the areas of Psychology, Sociology and the Arts.

As defined in the previous blog, a great PM and Leader will have a strong level of GRIT.

Assess yourself, be aware, then specify the areas you want to grow and evolve. If you are really serious about your growth plan, then have it documented and forecast out 25 years in a spreadsheet with multiple qualifications/outcomes that you must achieve and the paths that you can take (scenarios) in order to achieve the qualifications.

A theory that you can incorporate on how to grow your Grit (and other things) was developed at Stanford, and is called Growth Mindset.  They state that the ability to learn is not fixed but can change with your level of effort and desire that you put into it.

A quote from an article on this includes:
"People who attributed their failures to lack of ability, Dweck thought, would become discouraged even in areas where they were capable. Those who thought they simply hadn’t tried hard enough, on the other hand, would be fueled by setbacks."

See this link for one of her articles, little long but has multiple points within it and also links to more detail if you wish:

  Stanford Article by Dweck

There are a lot more about this topic and Dr. Carol Dweck has videos and such to google if interested.  Now granted this also is slightly complicated by studies of Jaques Elliott, but that will be in another blog.