These styles directly impact decision making and execution of those decisions.

You need to understand which style you have within the culture of both your project and also your organization - Then you are better prepared to plan what processes need to occur in order to:
  • identify opportunities/issues, 
  • gather and analyze requirements, 
  • make decisions, 
  • act on those decisions.  

Also don't be afraid to adapt and balance between these styles as you deem necessary to manage the risks of stakeholder 1) involvement, 2) approval and ultimately their 3) support.

See video to help explain the styles:

As described in the video above, the top four Leadership or Decision Making styles include:
  1. Autocratic
  2. Consultive
  3. Democratic
  4. Consensus

Below are a few additional support links:

- This link does not use exact same terms but follows same concepts and gives a nice summary of as you move from the top to the bottom, the styles become more collaborative

- This link focuses on Autocratic vs Democratic but gives good definitions