Does a Weekly Report bring value anymore?  Is there still ROI?
People do not like to document when things are going to go bad, OR have already gone bad.
People will generally not tell the entire story, and often only put minimal levels of details (is there really anyone out there that likes doing status reports?).

So why do we hound, beg, threaten, and plead for weekly reports to be submitted on time and within the requested format or template?

Check out the video below that asks some good questions and shares what we are doing to try and counter the issues around Project Management weekly reports:

In our project consulting company we are leveraging what the world has now embraced - We use a simple "Social Media" concept software module. It allows for short, simple, fast, Project Updates - posted any time from any device to audiences that you can customize.

The processes allow for posts to be shared about specific projects in a timely, accurate and transparent manner. The KEY is to keep it short, simple and regular.  This tool now helps to keep a finger on the pulse (you now know how the project "feels") and thus can raise the flag early if need be.

This helps the project manager not have to chase everyone to get their weekly report in.

Essentially, weekly reports are not needed, however, we still need to use monthly reports for EVM details and schedule/gannt chart software for work progress details.

The daily posts we are getting seem to have a much higher ROI then weekly reports.  Waiting to the end of the week also seems too long since things happen so fast in today's business environment.  People can now be more collaborative and react quicker and they also seem to enjoy "chatting about the project" in a more informal manner.

PS:   If you want to try a free demo contact or at least try some different approaches and let us know what you think or how it worked for you.