Bottom-Up Strategy is a great approach for better Innovation, ROI, Delivery and Simplicity.

Technology & information access helps enable this. An Economic Revolution has started, where people at all levels can take on more, have access to all levels of data, be empowered and get it done. 

The legacy systems that need Senior Executives to give all the direction, then middle management to carry out the deliverables by micro-managing the resources - is fading quickly.

Today people at the lower levels are empowered by the flatness of Organizational Design and also the culture of the younger generations (can do attitude - ready to question anything and do their own independent research).
Full-time employment with small to mid sized companies is becoming more desireable then Big Corporations.

This shift of doing more with very limited resources and basically not a lot of formal authority and power can easily be leveraged in Project Management.

This type of culture and approach can help project managers, specifically in areas of:
  • maximize the ability to problem solve risks, 
  • validate the value of the objectives and keep them aligned to project goals, 
  • bring in new changes that will greatly improve the project success,
  • identify new projects for the company portfolio,
  • identify new ways to do things for less cost (faster, cheaper and better is possible if you get the people to buy in and have passion around it). 
Look to the bottom levels of your team more often and ask more open ended questions!

Great excerpt from an Article to make you think of the revolution we are now living:
- An engineer or designer gets work by offering skills via vertical marketplaces & barter exchange systems.  - An entertainer sells music, tickets and merchandise directly to fans online. 
- An underutilized car or apartment gets turned into cash via peer rentals.
Sometimes this is called the Shared Economy or Collaborative Consumption.  I propose that this trend is bigger than just sharing or collaborating.  It is in fact a revolution from the bottom-up. These ordinary Americans who might have in the past only relied on employment by big corporations, can now live or supplement their incomes through these forms of self-employment or funding – literally changing the dynamics of the economy and bringing about a revolution.

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