Great PMs dig deep into their heart but also dig deep into their brains, that combination makes a great leader.  It takes bravery to challenge what everyone expects, but it also takes smarts, logic and patience to be able to back it and provide alternatives or other possible solutions.  See 4 min video as a great example:   Newsroom Clip

This clip has a great way of putting the pressure on the guy to really be innovative, take the approach that is not the norm.  And such a key thing is to always come up with ideas on what we could do to fix a problem.

Mantra:  if you identify the problem then at least come up with possible ideas to help address it (even if concepts).  This is critical since one of the best sources of issue resolution is the issue identifier and this often is not maximized.

Projects are all about new things that are unique and complex and have transient work forces.  So with these work forces, early on you need to show leadership.  With the senior leadership team, often they are so caught up in Operations that they just want to know "How much will it cost", "When will it get done".  They do not have capacity to delve into more complex issues like asking:  "is this the right thing to do, are we following the right approach, do we have the right people in place, etc".  Especially once we start the work, that is like moving a barge, very difficult and painful and if you put your neck out with a challenge, it will be seen as that, so most people associate fear and anxiety with asking the tough questions.

Don't be a one tool person, use both your heart and your brain!!!

Link came from the movie:

The newsroom - why america isn't the greatest country in the world anymore