This can be a nice little checklist...

It is looking from a perspective of general things to not do in a project:

1)    Inadequate planning.
2)    Unclear scope or requirements.
3)    Uninvolved stakeholders.
4)    Unreal expectations
5)    Absence of communication with all levels of stakeholders.
6)    Late or inaccurate communication.
7)    Scope creep (poor change control).
8)    Unclear roles and responsibilities.
9)    Poor resource planning.
10) Risks not identified and responded to in advance.
11) Incomplete handoffs.
12) Project manager lacks authority.
13) Resource conflicts.
14) Customer feedback unavailable.
15) Lack of customer involvement.
16) Lack of customer understanding of project
17) Lack of consistent approach or methodology.
18) Lack of escalation processes.
19) Poor estimating.
20) Poor or unrealistic scheduling.
21) Lack of experience by project team members.
22) Project manager managing too many projects.
23) Project manager doing instead of managing.
24) Rapidly shifting organizational priorities. 
25) Corporate goals not clearly known.