I took an EQ Assessment & continually go back to it - to continually learn more about myself.

It puts a formal approach and more of a science around how I work with different types of people under different types of environments.  It is never black and white, however, this is essentially a tool that lets me grow in one of the most critical aspects of project management and business (relationships).
Objectives of this assessment were to self-identify how well one can manage relationships in the midst of uncertainty (and thus this will also include how we manage risk, complexity, conflict and stress).

The assessment talked about 3 key building blocks.  By studying and understanding them, one can build tolerance, resilience, and adaptability, and give new capabilities to relate more effectively with others.

It is so important to realize how projects are managed today versus in the past.  The focus today is so much more on the "people side" vs the "systems side", and thus must include a focus on both yourself and the external people you interact with. 

There are many assessments out there, the three core capacities that were focused on for my assessment included:

1) Self-Reflection
Self-Reflection is the ability to access and name our experience, including our feelings, thoughts, wants, intentions, and body sensations, and the ability to observe our thoughts, feelings, and behavior in the moment as we participate in life. Having the ability to first experience and name our experience, to differentiate our experience from others, and to reflect and learn from our experience is fundamental to emotional intelligence, the very driver of our capacity to learn and grow. It is key to know one-self.

2) Self-Regulation
Experiencing varying levels of distress and pain is a natural part of life. This causes us to feel some degree of disequilibrium. Self-soothing is the capacity to experience our distress and manage it in ways that help us reestablish our equilibrium or balance without requiring others to change. We all soothe ourselves and our emotions daily in a variety of positive and negative ways, both alone and in relationship. It is key to measure how we regulate our emotions.

3) Empathy
Empathy is the ability to identify and analyze what another person is experiencing and to know what that must be like; to "get into another person's shoes." Deep empathy also will include an understanding how the other person is feeling. It is key to measure our levels of accuracy and compassion.

For more details, can start by visiting sample websites below of some great people that know this area:


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