This blog-post is a sensitive subject but is win-win for employee & company!  It's a follow-up (part 2 of 2).  See video:

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In last post, we talked about 8 levels (0 to 7) or 8 strata that people can be placed within. After this is complete, then the work must be assessed and put into levels.  Then the key is to align the levels of the resource and the work at hand.

Organizational Design (or RO as many people call it) aims to provide a quantifiable process (scientific based) approach to help get tasks done within a project or a business.  It promotes the focus on trust and transparency through systems, methodologies and organizational design and attempts to take away subjective, emotional, political and people issues that we often focus on when hiring/promoting/allocating people into specific projects or jobs.

Both the company/project and the people doing or managing the work should have confidence that the job at hand is properly aligned with the capability of the person.

One challenge is that we often try to classify people by looking at their resume and placing tremendous value on this, and then conducting an interview process. To qualify people through a resume and an interview process, we use such a variety of tools and techniques that results are often hit or miss.

The missed opportunity is to be more trusting, communicative and transparent as to where gaps exist and what they are - between the job at hand and the person doing or managing the work.  This will be key to addressing risks and constraints and then ALSO lead to much better management of expectations (from both the person doing the work and the ones receiving the work).

As mentioned in the video above, 4 key parameters at a minimum must be assessed when trying to qualify a person's level.

Note:  others exist, but this post focuses on the ones below:

One can further describe the above parameters as:

IPC - Information Processing Capability - this is the most complicated parameter and takes a high level of experience to do it properly (essentially it is the ability of a person to work within a structure to do the work. If in order to do work you must be told step A then B then be managed and monitored to deliver that work - this would be the lowest level, as you move up into higher levels, then you can work with more processes, in more parallels and with more unknowns and in a more fluid/dynamic manner - you have comfort with the abstract and a spatial ability to flow through work with countless scenarios that adapt as work progresses)

KSE - Knowledge, Skills and Experience (this is the traditional way of assessing people, it still brings value, but one must focus on the knowledge/education listed on the resume and also the persons delivery of work using that knowledge, need to have the combination - learn the right methods to do things, then get experience trying to do it that way)

PS/PI - Personal Strengths (maximize these, this is your core so be confident with them) Personal Inhibitors (don't kid yourself, be aware of personality traits that will inhibit the task at hand and compensate for them or bring in people that are better suited than you - believe in yourself and talk about both of these more openly)

VI - Vested Interest (how much passion and enthusiasm do you have for the work, how much pain will you feel if you fail, how much gain will you get if it is successful - how does the work align with the stage of life you are in, if going through a traumatic personal event, be open about your priorities - we live in a society of work - personal life blending and carry emotions so again, don't kid yourself or others)

These four parameters are key pillars of RO and are extensively studied and proven within business and project management. I am not doing it justice to describe them within a few paragraphs so if interested in more details and to grow your understanding, I recommend to start with some of the links below:

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