Often we over analyze & complicate things, especially if a project is going side-ways.  Another approach is to own your accountabilities, dig deeper, get inspired, then simplify and get your job done.

See video which relates this to us doing it at the early ages, and still not learning as we become adults...

If we have a plan, then there should be less worry and anxiety to get the job done.  There will be slight deviations, but that is when we need to be clear on our role, responsibility, accountabilty and then use our best tool .... our brain and our heart..... and then get it done.  We need to find our own mini-battles and win every one of them.  Cumulatively, all mini-battles will deliver a successful project.

This does not mean when drastic change comes into play, that follows a strong Change Control or Change Management System.  This can be seen as configuration management, where there are always slight variances to the plan, of which good resources should be able to manage.

PS:  take a look at this link, find the ones that relate to you, for short periods of time when you need the  boost, use it as a screen saver, print if off.....

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Know your job - find inspiration - believe in yourself - dig deeper - get it done!