Recently I had some tough projects, how the heck did I get through them - I am still not sure.  We all do it, we face challenges that require change and somehow we dig deeper and get through, it is a life necessity.  

This we can easily relate to project management environments in our work-worlds.

We roll out a project and hand it over to operations.  The project was unique, so had some uncertainty (so there is no project that goes 100% according to plan).  There also is a small percentage of stakeholders that will "buck" the new project solution, and just are not ready or willing to change.  So how do we get through this transition.

One method is to break it down and focus on all key stakeholders, one person at a time.  You should also ask for help from others since likely you can't do it all.  But key is to formally plan it, develop a matrix, identify each person and then the decisions and actions needed related to each person, then assign an owner to that task.  (this is also where that very detailed Stakeholders Matrix comes in very handy).

You likely don't have time to go to each individual, but what you could do is bring ones together as a group then help each one of them find it in themselves, embrace their inner confidence and face the transition both individually and as a team.

Part of the energy I got to continue through my recent transition came from this article, which is a nice one to share. It is more on the individual/personal side vs the Project/technical side of things, but that is the beauty of project management - when you involve people, you must let aspects such as emotion and inner-self-awarness be part of your planning.

Each individual faces their own transition battle when working to roll out and successfully integrate a project.  This article identified 13 tips on helping with that:

1. Turn the volume of the drama script down.
2. More emulation and less comparison.
3. Embrace your situation but don't identify with it.
4. Don't be afraid to ask for help.
5. Intend clearly to the universe what it is you need.
6. Don't torture yourself with things that have not happened yet.
7. Recognize when it's time to gestate, and when it's time to act.
8. Meditate.
9. Love yourself whatever happens.
10. Laugh at least once a day.
11. Move your body. Do sport, yoga, whatever fits you best.
12. Follow your body's intuition.
13. Eat food that nourishes you.

For more details about the article and definitions around each tip, check out the link: