As a continuation of the previous blog, here is part two of things that can be reviewed to help increase the probability of success for your project:

  1. Are there formal governance and change approval guidelines?
  2. Is there a process to discover issues (ASAP) to lessen their impact?
  3. Is there fast, easy access to key tools and equipment?
  4. Is there knowledge of the overall vision and mission of the target audience?
  5. Is there a clear understanding of how the customer wants to do business?
  6. Are people being proactive verses reactive?
  7. Is there focus on training, growth and the future?
  8. Are there regular communications using standards and known expectancies?
  9. Is the data accurate, clean and available?
  10. Are the processes that support clear tracking against project metrics?
  11. Is it known what happened during the client’s last project (successes & failures)?
  12. Is there timely project team and stakeholder communication, where communication occurs amongst the team members and to / from the client representatives.
  13. Is the PM facilitating communication, cooperation and collaboration and are project processes and practices implemented to support this?
  14. Is the PM identifying critical metrics and milestones, communicating those metrics / milestones, and managing the project with the objective of meeting those targets? (e.g. EVM)
  15. Are handoffs between groups being managed effectively and is there a process to support effective hand-offs?
  16. Is documentation of the project evolution* maintained in a shared, accessible, and secure area?
  17. Does the PM have a process and mechanism for managing project financials (for both  and client)?
  18. Are processes in place to allow the PM to assess overall client satisfaction?
  19. Is the PM probing for, and qualifying potential new business leads with the client?  Are these leads passed onto Sales for further action?
  20. What are all the things that you are measuring - so you can justify that you are objectively "increasing the probability of success"