Couple leadership videos from contrasting individuals.  One about Change (be open & adaptable), the other about Rules (have discipline and follow). 

As always, the true path to success is know oneself and acquire as many tools and opinions as you can, then  you decide what works!!!

Oprah Winfrey
When do we know to accept the change in direction and then act on it.  How much stress do we put on the change in plans. We need to see the change event occur, not see it as failure, then understand that it is a way to point us in a new direction, then act on it with full spirit (take the energy and move forward - don't let the grapplers hold you down - they want to live in the past).
  • There are no mistakes
  • We all have a supreme destiny, a true path and direction that we are on
  • When we feel it, listen and know and understand it, we will get on the right track and that is when things really happen in life.
  • When we don’t listen, we can get on a wrong path, but then eventually we get back on the right path
  • Failure is simply the way to get us back onto the path.
  • Life is bigger then one experience, the losses are when we are off the track and help to wake us up
  • One message when you are at the end to give to your younger self, is to relax, it all will work out
  • When you stray off course, that is normal, the key is to figure out how to get through the challenge and what is the next right move to get back on course.  Then you can see life is cumulative going off course and finding your way back (is just how you drive in this thing called life).   
  • One challenge is just a moment in time, the failures and challenges we have help us know we need to steer back to our path and our true direction of life.


Arnold Schwarzenegger

What is the secret to success, is available to all of us but needs discipline and focus, so rules need to be made and adhered to through the easy and the tough times, follow rules consistently and in detail and success will follow:

  • Trust yourself, believe in yourself
  • Break the rules (not the law) and think outside the box
  • Don’t be afraid to fail, are you willing to fail, don’t be paralyzed by fear
  • Don’t listen to the naysayers, cant do it, never done before
  • Work your but off, when you feel pain – that is when it really counts
  • Give back, find the time to help others for true satisfaction